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Brainstorming a Better Book Title

About Brainstorming a Better Book Title

Learn how to avoid common book title pitfalls by using a step-by-step process for brainstorming and selecting an effective title. This page gives you access to all of the Brainstorming a Better Book Title videos. To play a video, simply click on the thumbnail.

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Brainstorming a Better Book Title

Discover what you should NOT do to come up with a title for your book.

Here are the steps you SHOULD follow to decide on the title for your book.

Find out what you need to know about the three components of a book title.

When can you protect your book title from being used by others?

Discussion of lessons from the opening anecdote about Napoleon Hill's great title, Think and Grow Rich.

Discover how to brainstorm words and phrases to use in your title.

Popular and unusual places where you can get inspiration for your title.

Patterns that might offer a framework for your nonfiction title.

Common wording patterns for fiction titles.

Writing a series? Get ideas for titling yours.

Why clarity is almost always more important than cleverness in a book title.

Understand why and how the tone of your title must fit your audience.

How your title sounds also needs to factor into the equation.

Try to make your title stand out against competitors.

On keywords, promises and other issues for titles not yet discussed.

An eye-opening collection of of well-known titles, before and after.

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