Software to Promote Your Book

curious onlookers into loyal readers through the following software below. All these software were designed by us or people we trust, intending to level up your marketing efforts and help you promote your book better.


Generate countless images to choose from just by uploading your book cover. This software creates high-resolution mockups perfect for promoting and selling your books.

Stock photos

Need photos for your blog, book, website, or email campaigns? Your author marketing material will pop with our photo collection of over 2 million professional royalty-free photos.

Social Media Graphics

Our social media graphics are perfect for engaging and building trust. Use any from these templates, so next time you mention your book, they will be more inclined to buy. 

Cover Reveal Builder

Book Cover Reveal graphics and campaigns proved to attract more attention to your book. Use our templates to launch a new book or design a cover for an existing book. 

Testimonial Builder

Have you ever been proud of a review but don't know how to show it off? Our Testimonial Builder will help build social proof, making your hard-earned reviews look gold.

Book AudioGraph Maker

Have an audio book snippet, interview clip or a simple audio message to share about a book? This tool creates simple videos to go with your message.

Book Teaser Builder

In mere seconds, the MockupShots video system puts your book into dozens of appealing teasers and beautiful promotional videos perfect for social media or as part of your author website.

Book Gif Builder

Lights, camera, action! Put a little momentum into your promotion efforts with our amazing action mockups, perfect for your book. Create over 20 action mockups in less than 10 seconds!

Facebook Cover

If you want to engage with old and new readers through your Facebook page, a well-designed timeline cover is what you need. Our editable timeline templates work well for this.

Rack Card

Rack cards are a great promotional tool as they're small, compelling, affordable, and proven effective. Our well-designed and easily-editable rack card templates effectively attract new readers and catch people's attention.


If you are a writer aspiring to promote your work creatively, author bookmarks are an excellent choice. These are wise marketing tools, offering you great help in promoting websites, books, and events.


Postcards tend to produce better results today when used for generating traffic or obtaining sales leads. Postcard templates can work well in letting potential customers know about upcoming book signings.

Business Card

For authors, business cards work well in spreading the word about their book. Whether you decide to highlight yourself or promote your book, there's a business card template for you.

Author Book Trailers

Our high-quality book trailers are professionally designed templates representing many genres. They're easy to edit with Microsoft PowerPoint, so use any to achieve the perfect book trailer.

Amazon Book Ads

Every day, thousands of readers comb through Amazon for new books. Amazon Marketing Services or AMS allows you to get in front of readers actively searching for books like yours.

Marketing From The Stage

For many non-fiction authors, public speaking is a fantastic way to sell books. This course covers the basics of marketing yourself through public speaking and related principles for selling books.

7 Steps to Kindle Success

The 7 Steps to Kindle Success is a 7 module video series that explains the most effective and efficient ways to promote your eBook and establish yourself as an author.

Launch to Market

The video series "Launch to Market" documents the launch of one of Chris Fox's novels. It covers the marketing tactics, tips, and preparation that apply to launching an indie novel.

Author Write

You put so much work into your writing, so don't let your books get overlooked! Highlight your books with a website created on our software to make your message shine!

Author Outreach Emails

How should you reach out to media or book stores for interviews and reviews? Our email templates will guide you by giving you an outline of what you should say!

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