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Writing Resources

If you are looking for references to help improve your writing skills, you can learn valuable tips and tricks from experts through the useful and practical writing resources below. All these resources came from us and partners who found success in writing.

Motivation For Writers

This course helps you think about your lack of motivation in new ways and act on it. Although designed primarily for writers, these principles apply in all areas of life.


Avoid common book title pitfalls by using a step-by-step process for brainstorming and selecting a compelling title. This resource gives you access to all Brainstorming a Better Book Title videos.

Editing Your Novel

In the three-part video series entitled "Editing Your Novel," author Chris Fox takes you step-by-step to his process and his approach in editing all of his novels quickly and effectively.

21 Day Novel Challenge

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to write and edit a full-length novel in 21 days? Author Chris Fox knows it’s possible, even proving it in this day-by-day challenge!

Outlining Your Novel

In the four-part video series entitled "Outlining Your Novel," author Chris Fox takes you step-by-step to his unique process and personal approach in generating outlines for all of his novels.

Write To Market

The video series "Write to Market" covers maximizing your book's reach in Amazon, finding a hungry genre in Amazon, and risks versus rewards. Chris Fox also answers some viewers' questions.


You just crafted hundreds of pages of award-worthy life-changing content with your newest book, but you’re stuck on the title! That is where our book title generator comes in.

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